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Annointed Hands Ministries

Annointed Hands Ministries assist single women and men between the ages of 31-49 with financial education sessions  through our Signature Blueprint Program that will improve your finances.
Our sessions are  intended to break the barrier and lead women and men to independence, stability and peace of mind.  

"Did you know that every 1 in 10 persons have financial hardships."

Whats included in the Financial Education Phase:

-Building a budget based on your income level. 

-Creating a money chart to track how your money travels.

-Among many other amazing strategies to help YOU get back on your feet. 

GIVE to Annointed Hands Ministries

The funds given to Annointed Hands Ministries will support the creation and implementation of our financial education sesssions tackling Budgeting in the first Phase.


Give to help support the Creation of the platform we will utilize for the sessions. 


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Tackle Savings, Debt or Income


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